Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 09.04.21

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 09.04.21

The long awaited citrus season has truely kicked off. We are seeing the first of the Imperial Manderins which is sensational, obviously the early starters won’t eat as good as they will until we get further into the season, but it’s super exciting still!

Washington Navel oranges are also kicking off next week, so we will move from Valencia oranges to Navel oranges, which means they will lose their little green tinge and we will start to see the brighter orange colours and traditional taste that you’re used to.

Watermelon is a little dicey at the moment, there has been a ton of rain up in QLD and NSW growers are finishing up, so we are hoping that NT will kick into gear, however it will push prices. The same can be said for rockmelons and other melon varieties.

In fruit I would be looking for citrus next, as well as all new season apples – Pink Lady’s, Fuji, Gala, Red Dels, Jazz and Kanzi – all are awesome! Grower’s are literally picking them off the tree and they are arriving the next day. Pineapples from Yepoon are also eating a treat.

Gold Kiwi fruit have been tight this week, super hard to find, if you have to have a kiwi, go with a green. Also the last week for kiwi berries.

Speaking of berries! I’ve got some berry good news! Strawberries are now improving everyday, so my pick of the week is the strawberry (even though I told you to avoid them last week!) Reason being, it’s been very had to to find good Aussie blueberries (a couple actually made me throw-up), so we have to move to NZ for blueberries for 1-2 weeks as they are the only ones that are palatable, the rest are all coming out of storage.

Raspberries are going to kick up in price, quality isn’t excellent – we are waiting for QLD to start.

We are at the tail end of the fig season so they are a bit hit and miss, the same can be said for green grapes. As I said last week, I’d be going for a crimson (although they are kicking up in price), grab a seedless black sapphire (these are actually excellent!)

If you’re into your different fruit varieties – Kumquats have hit the market. If you’re not sure what they taste like – they are more bitter than sweet and I just like to take them whole.

In veg – leafy greens are still on struggle street, especially Asian greens such as Choy Sum, baby buk choy & Gai Lun as all the local growers were unable to pick this week, due to being destroyed by the rain. That said – good old water spinach that loves the water, is absolutely thriving!

Broccoli is currently at a good price, but I started talking about it last week, and I’m still on the Cauli-blossom bandwagon this week (the baby version of cauliflower!) It’s tender and sweet, much easier to use than the large heads of broccoli or cauliflower and it’s also on a ticket! You just throw it in a stir-fry like you would broccolini and away you go!

Zuccs & cues have all come crumbling back in price, but the winner would have the be brussel sprouts! Super cheap & super delicious. I know you don’t like them because your nan used to boil them, but I would be shredding them into a slaw like this one that we cooked with my mate Colin Fassnidge. Or throw them into a baking dish with some beetroot, potatoes & sweet potatoes, throw them in about 20 mins after you’ve started those, or roast on their own with some olive oil, salt & pepper. OR for something a little fancier, after you’ve roasted them make an Asian dressing and drizzle it over the top them add some kewpie mayo – this ticks all the boxes! 

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