Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 16.04.21

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 16.04.21

It’s a super important week to know what’s hot and what’s not in the land of fresh produce!

First up has to be apples. Pink ladies are starting to fly in from all directions, north, west, north west, south and more!Jump on pinks this week, it’s a must and they are super good value – $3.5 a kilo, you can’t beat that for your back to school lunch boxes!

Well well, hello Navel oranges – I’m super excited as this sparks the beginning of the march into awesome Mandis, Blood oranges, Tangelos, Sumo Mandi’s and more. All the new citrus brothers and sista’s that we can’t wait for – bring it on! 🙂

World of melons has been turned on its head, they have shortened right up pushing a few prices north. Eating quality is sensational on watermelon but prices are higher due to the extra travel as we switch from NSW fruit to Territory fruit.

In berries, well I must eat my words this week, strawberries went from fab to drab in a minute after some wet and cold nights in VIC. Eat the fruit fast and sparingly as the prices are very firm. Blues I would forget about, best berries will be raspberries and blackberries this week…

Pears are literally being picked one minute, packed the next, so allow a few days for ripening as they are the first picks!

Nashis are on a ticket! Be sure to try something a little different and wack a Nashi in the mouth this week 🙂

In the land of veg we have the local Sydney basin growers in our thoughts, as most Windsor growers won’t recover for three months – see some of the pics below to understand why. They literally need to start again and wait for the crops to be replenished from scratch. So lines like Choy sum, Gai lan, English spinach, Baby cos, Cos, Green Oak lettuce and other leafy bad boys will be tight for a few months as we look to our farmers from the south to cover the gap in the market.

Best picks this week are Caulini (cauliflower blossom), broccoli, corn, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

Also, we are kicking off with new season Royal blue potatoes, slightly smaller in size but the creamy yellow flesh is second to none. The way I like to handle these beauties is turn them into potato gems and roast them. Just cut them in half splash with olive oil and smash with salt flakes and pepper! Roast at 180c until golden and crunchy, a dob of butter and some sage and you will blow the crowds away!

In the land of the sea you have to be jumping on fresh caught Tuna this week, yellow fin tuna steaks are awesome value and super bright this week! I like them coated in mixed colour sesame seeds and seared leaving the middle raw and serve sliced with some Kewpie mayo and an Asian slaw with pomegranate! Winning! Definitely try this week!

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