Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 18th June 2021

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 18th June 2021

I’m bloody excited. It’s a cracking week to be alive in the markets. Blood oranges have kicked off, very early season so prices still a bit exy, but for those of you who are looking for that beautiful zingy punch, they have arrived!

When blood oranges comes around I think of a customer whom I once knocked on the door of when we very first started (about the 120th customer out of 26,000 now that have graced us with their presence!). Her name is Amy Sanders. Amy asked if I had blood oranges and I couldn’t answer at the time as I was new to the fruit game, but every time I see blood oranges roll around I think of her and I love to give her a shout out still to this day.

What else is hot in fruit? It’s all about these jumbo topless pineapples. They are super sweet & grown to be topless so they haven’t got that little frilly bit on top. They are much bigger than those little grenades at the supermarket and they are delicious! Jump on those bad boys.

This week I’d be forgetting about rock melon, honeydew and Piel de Sapo this week because they’re all a bit exy, but if you are looking for a yellow friend, his name is Yellow melon, also known as Candy melon. They’re the perfect combo between a Rock melon and a Casaba melon and they are absolutely delicious. So jump on those bad boys.

I’d be winding down my grape consumption, it’s not a grape time of year for grapes! They’re definitely finishing off I think this will be the last week that we’ll be sending any, (Green grapes are definitely done & Red grapes are finishing off).

Passion fruits, they’ve jumped through the roof. So all the growers are picking them a little bit immature, I would say we’ve still got the pick of the bunch, but they’re exy so watch out for passions. Forget about strawberries and blueberries this week, get on the raspberries instead! We’ll see strawberries and blues pick up in the next couple of weeks.

It’s see ya later to the Avozilla, but all the rest of the Avo’s are still flushing, really good value at the moment, make the most of it their inner abundance. Talking about another deal that beats the supermarkets, we have snow peas at $3.95 for 200 grams, and then it’s time to get on a snack.

Well back to the old mate citrus. I’m going to say goodbye to a Jumbo Easy Peel Mandi. The best mandi’s at the moment are definitely Imperials hailing from southern New South Wales. They absolutely delicious. Jump on those guys. Also soon we’ll be seeing their little cousins Afourer rolling in, but for now it’s Imperial Mandy’s. For a more sour treat, what about a Tangelo? (your kids may not like them) but I love their fresh zingy flavour!

If you want something a little bit obscure…What about a Green mango? No, it’s not a mango that you would eat like in Summer. It’s a mango you use in cooking. My favorite way to have a little Green mango is in a pork mince Asian salad. Stir fried the pork mince with some of your favorite Asian ingredients – ginger, garlic, chilli etc. and then toss in some shredded Green mango to make my version of a ‘larb’ (beautiful & fresh!) They are actually a Kensington Pride variety which normally you would eat in summer, but they’re picked super green because obviously it’s not the season for them to be picked when ripe.  They are used specifically for Asian salads and Asian cuisine.

I’ve got to give a shout out to the pom poms! Pomegranate is finishing up very soon, so I’d be if you love your pomegranate consumption eat him now because sooner they’ll be coming from the US (and we don’t want any of those).

Veggies veggies veggies, well I’m so happy to say that Cauli and broccoli have started to flush a little bit which means they’re coming back in price a couple of bucks which is great for the people who like their steak and three veg.

What’s even better is the Cauli cousin Caulini! Definitely get on that! He’s sensational, also known as cauliflower blossom. I love it just roasted.

Kaletts went off with an absolute hit, so we’re rolling around one more time next week – so if you like our little hipster veggies, buy up again, as they will not be around forever. Now, spuds, spuds, spuds are spud-tacular. Sweet potatoes are on a ticket half the price of what you can what you can find them in supermarkets at just $3 bucks a kilo (killer deal!).

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant to spice up your plate? Then try the purple sweet potato, they’re also on an absolute special next week. They’re only four bucks a kilo. They’re normally about $7 and supermarkets have gone to $4 for a piece. So definitely jump on that.

Also, if you love your Asian cooking, you love your Asian mushrooms. We’ve got a new mixed pack that are Australian picked with a mixed variety of Asian mushrooms – normally if you had to buy all the punnets together it’s about 20 bucks worth of mushrooms but you can get this one for just $6.95 so get on the shrooms this week!

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