Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 25.06.21

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 25.06.21

Dang Girl It’s getting hot in here!

And I don’t mean hot as in the weather I mean as in blood orange season is really kicking off, we’ve got for our friends the Sparacino family, a tonne or two of blood oranges coming in, they’re new season, so smaller than usual and only 4.95 a kilo which is bang on for this time of year (most fruit and veg shops are going around about 10 bucks a kilo so it’s sensational value at the moment. There’s quite a few more crackers like that!  In terms of fruit, strawberries 2 for $8 they’ve come flying back and I expect them to continue to fly back in the weeks to come. Also, Cara Cara oranges are eating bloody sensational. Ruby grapefruit is also dynamite! I know I said last week it was the last week for pomegranate but a few late growers have kicked in, so definitely jump on the pom poms. Melons have actually taken a full traverse and come flying back in price too Watermelon, Rock melon, Yellow melon and Honeydew, are all much better value than they were last week, my pick, has to be Watermelon, it’s absolute eating sensationally, definitely stock up for the kids during the school holidays!

It’s not a grape time of year because we’ve got a massive gap in the grape season. All Aussie grapes are now finished – they’re Kaput! , see you later, American grapes (if you want to go that way, but I go my own way!) Will start in the next few weeks but generally I say avoid them. In terms of berries, strawberries have to be the pick this week as raspberries have kicked up a little as have blackberries which are pretty bloody scarce. As for blueberries, there is some inferior supermarket fruit around but I wouldn’t advise it! Know that good fruit is still commanding a hot dollar so if you’re looking to save in the berry department, I’d go for the strawbs next week.

In terms of veg, Wow girl, we got some hotties! Cauliflower whole $2.95! That is about half the price of what they were a week ago so definitely jump on the flush of Caulis because this doesn’t last forever! But if you’re looking for a hottie younger sister, then there’s lots of Caulini about. She’s is a tender stem cauliflower which I cannot fault I’d be jump on her.

Now if you watched my market update you met my mate Russell the Brussell last week, Russell’s got a cousin and his name is Kalett. He is a cross between the world’s best aspects of kale mixed with the world’s best aspect of Brussels. Absolutely sensational roasted or if you’re thinking you want to get on ‘meatless Monday’, then I would try slicing them in half, tossing them in a light tempura batter and frying them up like a fried chicken and then replace the fried chicken in your Taco with a fried Kalett instead!

Avocados, wow! The season continues to flourish. Two for two bucks. That is like the world’s best value dollar avocado, you can’t go past it. Also our mate Simon from Windsor, who had the floods recently, he’s now hit a flush of Bok choy and English spinach. So they’ve come back way in price and I feel it’s time to support some of the local growers who had some hard times recently. He’s come to the party with a few specials for you next week so definitely jump on those guys.

I told you to get on the caps and guess what, the growers have been on them because there’s plenty of capsicums about at the moment – under two bucks. They’re sensational. Now last week, I told you to flick the beans well this week, definitely do not flick the bean because beans have also come back, they’re half the price of what they were, sensational quality at the moment.

Another Farmer, Farmer Steve has really come to the party this week with a couple more specials for you. He’s beetroot bunches and his tuscan cabbages on a ticket, $4.50 and $3 respectively.

There’s also a few crackers in the meat and seafood department, first and foremost is Bass Strait Beef from down south. The farmers have come to the party with $28.95 kilogram for a Porterhouse New York Cut steak, which is sensational value!

Gourmet pork sausages are only $6.95 and they are bloody delicious, and also the whole free range chickens are still clucking along at $14, so definitely jump on those bad boys.

Fish of the week has to be South Coast Leather Jackets. Literally, the guys are out there fishing on the trawlers pulling in the Leather Jackets, filling them up for you and handing them to you that day, and they’re only $15.95!

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