Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 6th August 2021

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 6th August 2021

Although  it’s not a great way to be outside of your home, it’s been a great week to be at the markets ladies and gentlemen.  This week is a cracking week for some of our local growers. Farmer Steve has made it rain colours here ladies…it’s romanesco through to rainbow chard and tuscan cabbage all beautiful, vibrant and glowing. Tuscan cabbage has to be my pick for my favorite green leafy lines. Super good with finely chopped sauteed with Leek a little bit of lemon zest, add some olive oil, some garlic and away you go with a cracking side (throw away your broccoli and say hello to Steve’s tuscan cabbage!

If you want to give add a bit of a rainbow to your plate, why not chuck on a ‘rainbow shard’ these bunches come down in price this week they’re flourishing! What I suggest, if you want to preserve the beautiful pretty colours of the rainbow chard, you blanch it, and then run it under cold water so it’s basically cooked, but it won’t keep cooking because the heat will get out of it. Then just saute it with a little bit of leek or garlic and it’s absolutely delicious! (Don’t leave it in the pan too long because you will overcook it!)

Romanesco, wow, wow, wow! This guy’s a mix between broccoli and cauliflower / an ancient dinosaur from a million years ago! It’s bumpy like an armadillo but it tastes sweet like a butterfly! Lol. The best way to cook the romanesco in my mind is to roast it as I love cauliflower roasted (it’s sensational) olive oil, salt, pepper, put in the oven until it’s tender to poke with a fork and you’ve got a delicious little side. Or you could just do anything you like as you would with a cauliflower. Steam it, boil it, puree it, when you show your children you can pretend it actually is it is a dinosaur egg! You can do whatever you like but it is a sight for sore eyes!

Peas! It is peas week, we’ve got snow peas, sugar snaps and fresh garden peas. Now I must say sugar snaps are a bit pricey but snow peas and garden peas are absolutely on a ticket. If you’re thinking ‘what is a garden pea?’ It is not a sugar snap, please, please, please, you will be disappointed! You need to shell these peas which means, you open them up like your grandma used to get you to do on her couch, pull the little peas out of the pod and then discard the pod because the pod is not edible. It is fibrous and you will be taking a trip to the dentist! Then snowpeas are absolutely on a ticket (you know what to do with those guys, just jump on them this week!)

We’ve also got Yams! What’s a yam? It’s a sweet potato. Definitely jump on the sweet, sweet, sweet potatoes. It’s like they’re on a ticket. They coming out Atherton, they’re flourishing, bright orange and sensational, ditch the pumpkin and jump on the sweet potatoes.

Moving on to herbs & roots, Tumeric now this guy has it! Just zest it up, put it with some chicken thighs and then barbecue them, add a little bit of honey a little bit soy and then finish it off with some chopped coriander and you are on for a winning little barbecue chicken thigh dish. It’s sensational. It’s easy, it’s insane.

The other way I like it is my ‘Tumeric Tonic’ in the morning. All you need to do is blend up some tumeric with the juice of 4 lemons, a tablespoon of honey and 20 grams of ginger. Finally sift it and you’ve got yourself a tonic. All you need to have is a shot a day and you will be buzzing around the office or around your home with the little kiddies doing their home-schooling!

Other cracking herbs this week is coriander and parsley, both on special & they’re absolutely beautiful. They’re coming out of the Sydney basin so if you want to eat seasonal & you want to support the local farmers definitely jump on some coriander and parsley.

Moving on to what you’re all here for….my pick of the week has to be Cara Cara oranges. They’re beautiful. They’re vibrant. They look like a navel orange but inside they cut pink just the way you want them. They’re a mix between a blood orange and a navel orange becoming a pink flesh orange, something for the eyes and they absolutely beautifully. 

My mate Mr. Singh from down in Victoria has sent up a bunch of beautiful tangelos and they too are absolutely sensational, definitely give those guys a crack. 

Now if you’re looking for that mango of the citrus world, it is the sumo Mandarin, they come in from my mate Alfi, he’s got his own little farm. He’s grown them, they’re sensational and they’re 30% cheaper than they were last week. Basically you can open one up, share it in half – well worth the 2 bucks!

And is it a very good week? Well, not really. Raspberries and Blueberries are through the roof. I know that supermarkets may have them on special, but they’re using pretty average fruit. So here, blueberries and raspberries you’re gonna pay a dime for, but strawberries are starting to hit their flash! They’re coming down in price. Just hold on a minute and they’ll be a bargain, but at the moment, they’re still excellent eating!

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