It might be another week in lock down ladies and gentleman, but let’s kick off with the good news! It is a very, very good week for strawberries and blueberries, as they come down in price every day. Blueberries are the big ticket item this week, they’re about half the price they were last week. Sensational, I’m not talking about those shoddy little supermarket’s berries, I’m talking about those bad boys that you munch in your mouth and they blow like dynamite!

If you’re looking to add a bit of zest into your life then Cara Cara and Blood oranges are a cracker this week, you can’t go past them! If your thinking, I like a Blood orange but also like Navel orange too, then let’s welcome their god daughter, the Cara Cara orange. She’s a sensation, a sweet ruby flesh that is really delicious! Jump on those bad boys for a sweet 3 bucks for 5.

Citrus is booming, limes are on a ticket this week, and again half the price they were last week. They’re three bucks for three, definitely crack a fresh lime and a bit of tequila and say hello sunrise!

Afourer mandarins are definitely the pick of the week on the Mandarin side…say goodbye to their saggy little Sister Imperial mandarins, it is the end of the season for those bad boys! So, the thing about Afourer Mandarin is they’re really tight skinned, but they’re not like the others where they’ve got heaps of seeds. All you have do is thumbs in the bum, pop them open from the bottom, and then peel the segment’s from the inside, easy! They are absolutely delicious, a bit more tart than their cousin Imperial, but they are definitely something for the mouth.

Moving on to those Delish veggies. As we all know in the veg world, farmer Steve is not to be missed, let’s support his abundant produce at the moment. Rainbow shard, beetroot bunches, Kale and Tuscan Cabbage, all coming from a little farm just outside of Sydney. Romanesco, I can’t go past these babies at the moment, everyone’s been posting snaps of these little ancient looking dinosaur beauties, a sensation you just won’t see in the supermarket.

Beetroots, a sorry sight for sore eyes! BUT thick green beautiful leaves you could even use for a delicious salad or for the beet bowls themselves. Beautiful red burgundy colour, super sweet, delicious, tender, and just picked. Definitely jump on there!

Beans, beans, beans, they’re on a ticket this week coming straight out of Queensland. Definitely jump on the beans this week! It won’t be long until were into the Victorian season, so make hay while the sun is shining up there in sunny Queensland! I’ll tell you what else is coming out of there, peas, peas peas!  Pea’s, Sugar Snaps and Snow Peas are absolutely winning this week. Sugar snaps for that tender, beautiful, sweet little snap to a salad or snow peas for a very beautiful stir-fry, jump on those bad boys!

Pumping into pumpkin season, the fiery little red jap pumpkin is cutting a treat, you can’t go wrong! Roasted it up, throw it in a salad, smash it, mash it, put it in a soup, just jump on the jap this week.

Over again in the red corner, we’ve got fiery tuna coming straight out of Queensland! Definitely make the most of Tuna season, like us, were swimming into the weekend this Friday, cooking up a seafood special for our staff! On our menu, sesame seed tuna with a delicious little salad and a wasabi mayonnaise. When tuna is such great value, you definitely can’t miss it!

Another cracker in the meat and seafood department, supermarkets are selling $60 a kilo on Beef Eye Fillet, Delish Deliveries only $39.95. Delicious, grab yourself a bargain and pop these in your basket!


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