Forget about the winter blues, because guess what ladies and gentlemen, it’s spring next week!

What not to forget about is blueberries. Absolutely on a ticket 2 for $7 (you wouldn’t read about!) beautiful, plump berries, that burst in your mouth!

Speaking of spring, it’s time to think about those inventive, creative dishes that get all the senses going. I’m talking about green mango salads, excellent value this week being the beginning of the mango season. Green mangoes are actually a different variety so no, don’t sit them in your fruit bowl when they arrive, use them for salads. Peal first, then julienne, or grate them into salads. Or make a little pork stir fry and just drop it in at the end with some carrots and red cabbage…Toss it through off the heat, and you’ll have a delicious Thai pork salad with green mango – yum, yum, yum!

I’ll tell you what else is on a ticket next week, rhubarb. You’re thinking, what on earth do you do with rhubarb? Well, there’s the obvious, you can make rhubarb crumbles, rhubarb pies, rhubarb anything… but that’s all sweet dishes! Have you ever thought about using rhubarb savoury wise? It goes sensational with anything pork, duck and chicken! Just cut it up in two centimetre sticks and roast it with a little bit of honey, orange juice, cinnamon, and star anise and roast it up using the juice from the bottom of the tray as drizzle over the top of the meat, and then use the actual rhubarb pieces as a garnish on top of the meat. It is absolutely delicious! Jump on rhubarb next week from our mate Farmer Steve out at Hoxton Park.

He’s also some cracking, kale, Romanesco and Purple cauli’s…what is a Purple Cauli? Well, think about painting the colour purple all over a white cauliflower and you’ve got a purple Cauli. All are sensational at moment, you’ve got to support the local guys!

Strawberries are still kicking along, Queensland season is going to be tapering off so make the most of some wild berry bargains this week! I’ll tell you what’s not tapering off, pineapple’s, right out of Yeppoon. We’ve got Barlow Family Farms sending down some beautiful extra large, juicy, sweet pineapples. Prices will come down, but they’re still super good value because they’re about the size of a footlong, and they are absolutely delicious! Jump on the Pines!

Capsicums are sensational a moment, Bundaberg season is kicking off, definitely jump on these bad boys this weekend! Are you bored at the moment? How about a dutchy! Dutch carrots are on a ticket two for $5, and an absolute sensation. Put a couple of bunches of Dutch carrots in a tray, drizzle with a little bit of maple syrup, and roast them until they’re tender. Top them off with some rocket, a little bit of marinated goats feta and some pistachio nuts and you’ve got yourself a sensational wintery, springy salad. 

Ava good time…or have an avocado because they’re two for three bucks, absolutely excellent value, definitely jump on the avo’s next week!

What’s big, black, long and comes out of Queensland? It is the black zucchini! We call them black because they are so beautifully ripe and green, that they’re nearly black! They come in from Edwards Family Farms. Queensland season is flourishing so you’ve got things like eggplants kicking off, zucchinis kicking off, all on an absolute ticket. You might even see me dressed up as a giant one of these this week! Five bucks for a kilo, half the price of what they’ve been recently! BBQ some zucchini and place on top of a salad of mandarin, walnuts, and baby salad leaves with a bit of mint. 

Awesome week for meat and seafood! New York thick cut steaks – 24 bucks a kilo. Absolutely kicking goals,  straight out of Victoria. Also, it’s Father’s Day, so forget about stinky old socks! Jump on Black Onyx Tomahawks, 99 bucks for 1.8kgs. Plus this week only we are throwing in an Australia Bush Spice red meat blend – Boom! Reverse sear this bad boy and you’re in for a treat! Watch my video on How to reverse sear a tomahawk 


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