Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 3rd September 2021

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 3rd September 2021

What a wonderful day it’s been at the markets today! Covid might have dumped on our plans, but I’ll tell you what didn’t dump – dumplings! Ding ding ding, Veronton is back ladies and gentlemen with her exciting and wacky flavours, thank you Vee from Veronton for spicing up our life!

Look, it is a cracking time for you & I and I’ll tell you why. We’re jumping out of winter and we’re marching into spring (I used that last) but Spring has sprung! We’re saying goodbye to some of our old friends the like the  Imperial dynasties, they’re yesterday’s news, so see you later Imperials and hello Afourers! Late season mandarins are a must, definitely forget about the early season stuff because you will be disappointed. You’ve really got to go with a Sumo or an Afourer, they are in both eating absolutely sensational! Don’t forget their little cousin the orange, they aren’t eating too bad themselves. Blood oranges are going to taper off so if you  if you’re a sticky vampire, definitely chomp on a blood this week because they will probably be gone in the next week or two. Cara cara is around for a bit longer and so are Aussie naval, so definitely make the most of it before those Egyptians come margining in with their navels!

Mangoes Mangoes Mangoes! Yes, I am sprucing the green mango because I think they’re sensational this time of year tossed through your Asian salads and slaws. The humble Kensington Pride, Australia’s favourite mango has come down in price, so it is that time you can buy a mango or two! This week we’ve got them two for eight bucks, (people might call me mad!) But I’m saying get on the early season fruit, because it’s not eating too bad at the moment and you’re probably sick of citrus. 

I’ll tell you what else to get on, it’s a berry good week again for blue berries! I have nothing blue to say about those guys other than their skin, so definitely jump on the blueberries. In Strawbs, it is the tail end of the Queensland season. They do have the odd overripe fruit in there, so you’re going to expect that, before the  Victorian fruit kicks off. We will do our best to march the stands and demand the best strawberries for you, but the reality is, at the tail end of the season they’ve a bit overcooked. 

In terms of the veggies, Icebergs are rolling in, flourishing straight out of Gatton, Queensland. Ditch the cos, ditch the Baby cos, and hello Iceberg! You’re thinking, it’s going to be a bit chilly from Monday to Wednesday next week what am I going to do with an iceberg lettuce? Well guess what, my Auntie Luce has an excellent way to add an iceberg to a Chinese dish and she said it’s a traditional Asian way of cooking, you sauté it! Basically, cook some shiitake mushrooms or some Swiss brown’s, a little bit of soy sauce till they’re just tender, and in the last minute you chuck in the iceberg lettuce, slightly wilted, but leave a little bit of crunch texture to it and it is absolutely stunning!

Well, my mate Farmer Steve’s farm must be flourishing, with trees and trees of Tuscan cabbage and he’s gone mad this week!  He’s dropped his prices, so hello to Tuscan cabbage from Steve! He’s also got some sensational rainbow chard, and some English spinach to boot, so definitely jump on Stevo’s locally grown produce.

Does anyone think we should build a wall, no that’s Trump with Mexico! And on that note, we’re saying cya later to the Mexican asparagus and Hello West Aussie asparagus (even though it looks like we’re building a wall with those guys ourselves!) We’ve got West Aussie asparagus from the Kimberley, just kicking off and it is absolutely sensational value, two for six bucks (much better than the supermarkets that are on $3.95 a bunch for Mexican, Puerto Rican and Colombian asparagus). I’m thinking, sauté it up with a little bit of parsley, little bit garlic, little bit of French shallots, lemon juice, white wine vinegar to finish it off and maybe some fresh peppercorns, and you have got a dynamite, Kimberly asparagus dish!

Tell you what no one speaks about much, these little balls on the end of celery. Well, it’s called celeriac and normally it is super expensive, and people don’t go near it, but celeriac is actually a stunning vegetable to cook with. You can make a celeriac puree, or if it’s this time of year, you can grate it up and put it through a salad, it’s got a really nice taste to it. Or if you’ve got some time on your hands, forget the sweet potato rosti, get a Julianne and get fancy with a celeriac rosti instead. So anyway, jump on those guys this week they’re six bucks instead of 10 bucks, so give the ball on the end of the celery a whirl!


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