Jaeger’s weekly market update – 10th September 2021

Jaeger’s weekly market update – 10th September 2021

Well well well, hello NSW, sunny one day drab the next! But it is shining in the fruit and veg department this week, some crackers coming out of Victoria! I have to talk about my mate Mr Singh. The tangelos he has are absolutely stunning, the world’s best eaters! I’ve actually chosen a smaller pick this week. I think they’re dynamite in flavour and they’re not over mature, so definitely jump on Mr. Singh’s tangelos at 5 for $2.99. 

It’s a very, berry good week again. Blueberries are absolutely stunning at the moment. They’re big, they’re fat, they’re juicy and they’re freshly picked, definitely jump on the blues! Strawberries are on a ticket too, it’s the last week where Queensland strawberries are sensational, because the growers are going to be finishing up very shortly. They’re pulling up stamps, they’ve had enough, cya later! Once they finish it will be West Aussie fruit, so obviously tracking across the Nullarbor costs a pretty penny and prices will go up, so definitely make the most of strawbs this week!

One thing that I am incredibly excited about this week is extra large smooth pineapples! They are absolutely beautiful at the moment, super sweet and the topless variety. Be a pineapple, always wear your crown…Well that one’s out the window this week because this guy does not have a crown! BUT what he does have is sweetness, he is so sweet, you will not find another one like him, straight out of Yeppoon!

Look, to tell the truth it’s been a little bit tricky with the old veggie lines this weekend. When it’s tricky, no not Run DMC tricky, just get tricky yourself and look for a few lines that you wouldn’t think about like…Snow pea leaf (what is that you’re thinking?) It is an absolute stunning vegetable to use! The snow peas are grown on this little vine with these delicate little flowers on them, and they’re actually edible. So if we’re talking about using the whole plant and minimising waste, then this is a beautiful way to do it! Snow pea leaf is really nice veggie to stir fry and has been used for 1000’s of years in Asian cooking. They are used in dumplings, so when you order a snow pea and prawn dumpling it’s actually snow pea leaf, really finely chopped and sautéed with prawns. So here’s what I’m suggesting to you guys, ditch the bok choy, cya later choy sum and hello snow pea leaf! Chop it up, chuck it the end of your stir fry and you get this beautiful, sweet snow pea flavour but really tender like a leaf. Its from my mates farm, Mr. Vin and it’s absolutely sensational at the moment, 200 grams for $4!

Last week I was saying get your hands OFF my melons, but this week get your hands ON my melons because watermelon is on a ticket, definitely jumped on watermelon this week. It’s half the price it was last week so it’s definitely time to start chomping on watermelon even though it’s only going to be a chilly one next week. Hopefully that changes!

So on that news, it’s time to button up people! Because button mushrooms are on a ticket next week. My mate the mushy man from the market said buttons are absolutely sensational the moment and Australia’s favourite mushroom! Why? Because their smooth, clean and really easy to use! Definitely jump on button mushrooms next week they’re absolutely sensational. 

I may have been saying it a lot recently, but I’ll tell you what you can’t beet and that’s beetroot! It’s on three bucks a kilo as this is the time of year to really shine with beetroot. I’m thinking inventive salads, beetroot is the master at salad. Roasted it up with a little bit of olive oil, little bit of maple syrup, little bit of salt and pepper and maybe use some orange zest and away you go! You’ve got the start of any amazing salad, add quinoa, add leaves, feta, ricotta, add whatever, then make sure it’s got a beet root in it because they’re on a ticket. It’s also time to get on the Dutchies because they’re coming from Sam at Gourmet Veg, he’s got a little farm out near Windsor. He’s strolling around picking up a carrot or two, so definitely jump on Sam’s duchies next week.

Leek bunches are absolutely sensational moment also from Farmer Sam. There are only three bucks and you get four or five leeks in a bunch. They’re single use leeks, I love them because you just pull one out, they’re a bit skinnier than a normal leek. You don’t have to shove half a leek back in the fridge, you just chop it up and away you go! Substitute leek for onion in anything and you will have that extra panaz to your normal dishes. My favourite thing to do is get some of Farmer Steve’s Tuscan cabbage, chop that up fine. Sauté some leek first with some olive oil and garlic, then finish off with Farmer Steve’s Tuscan cabbage and then some lemon zest on top. Away you go, you have got a sensational sautéed Tuscan Cabbage and leek dish and it’s so easy! You get Sam and you get Steve, add them together, you use two local farmers, and you have a stunning dish! Silverbeet also stunning at the moment again from Farmer Steve.

I had a lovely customer call me this week, her name was Karen. She said she doesn’t like it when her tomatoes are too acidic, so I told her I will look into some low acid tomatoes. Yes, that means the yellow grape tomatoes are back ladies and gentlemen! They’re super sweet, yellow and low acid tomatoes, definitely give them a whirl. If you’re really lucky, we’ve got a special arrival from Mr Akhil, a grower from South Australia. He’s sending us up some yellow vine ripened truss tomatoes. He hasn’t got enough to supply everyone so it’s going to be a bit of a mystery prize. If you get those instead of yellow grape tomatoes think yourself a lucky little devil!

We are still rolling with the dumps this week people from our great friend Vee over at Veronton, so definitely get on these! What’s also rolling this week is our handmade chorizo meatballs, at $9.95. Gold band snapper is coming in a treat this week as our Fish of the Week. 

Grass fed with Wodonga rumps are coming straight out of a family farm, at 24 bucks a kilo. It’s a whole, flat rump, perfect for Asian salads, try it with that snow pea leaf!

You get the whole rump, cook it as one piece, slice it on an angle and serve it on top of some sautéed snow pea leaves!

How to…

Toss the rump in some brown sugar, soy sauce, honey, fish sauce, ginger, and some garlic, and then sear that off for four or five minutes until it gets nice and crispy, the brown sugar will caramelise. Flip it over, sear it off for three minutes, rest it for five, slice it on a diagonal. Sauté some snow pea leaf with some garlic and shallots and toss it with some sugar snaps and then serve the sliced seed rump on top of the snow pea leaf and you’ve got a sensational Asian salad! Dress it with honey, sesame oil, orange juice and chilli.


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