Jaeger’s weekly market update – 17th September 2021

Jaeger’s weekly market update – 17th September 2021

Well, it is heating up ladies and gentleman! It’s not quite hot enough for stone fruit just yet, there’s early fruit arriving in the markets at the moment but it’s not at its best. When it ripens in your fruit bowl the outside of the fruit will shrink a little bit and the inside will stay hard because it has been picked too early. I would steer clear of nectarines and peaches that may suck you in with a fresh bite!

Ride it out on citrus season! Mr Singh’s Tangelos are back. How many ways can you squeeze a tangelo? I’m squeezing them over everything right now! Blood oranges are rearing the end of the season so they’ve got a couple of weeks left, I would definitely make the most of them. Say goodbye to Imperial Mandarins, they’re looking sad, soft and a little saggy, gravity has played its card here! Jump on their little brother, the Afourer mandarin they’re absolutely cracking at the moment. Two thumbs in the bum, split them in half and then peel the segments out from inside!

Blueberries are absolutely plentiful at the moment, there’s heaps of cheap fruit around! $1.80 in the supermarkets, spend the extra 70 cents and get a dynamite punnet of blues this week. Three punnets, nine bucks. Definitely worth the extra dollar or two because every mouthful will burst with blueberry goodness.

Speaking of bursting, burst open a pineapple because they are sensational at the moment, super sweet and delicious from our cousins in Yeppoon! Mangoes are travelling from Cape York through the backstreets of North West NSW, definitely worth the distance! There’s certainly more about, but somehow they’re still holding their price. It is the early part of the season, so wait a couple more weeks and they will come down in price.

The veggie road is a bit more exciting than the fruit road this week, there’s a ton of local produce around and all the local guys are flourishing! Cool nights, warm days and lots of sun means the veggies are super crisp and shining through, they love these conditions! Silverbeet, definitely get on that next week it’s absolutely dynamite in price. Spruce up your plate with their Mardi Gras cousin, here for another week on a cracking special at $3 a bunch. Dutch Carrots, still at great value 2 for $5 and much better than buying the traditional carrot kilo bags.

Kale, celery bunches and English spinach are all great value at the moment, so definitely get on those guys! If you’re not a big fan of kale, the best way to get the flavour out is to roast it! Break it up and drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper if you like chilli, sprinkle a couple of chilli flakes on top. Put it in the oven at 180 degrees and once it starts to crisp up and it feels like popcorn, it’s ready to go! Drizzle with a dressing and it’s absolutely dynamite! For all the kale lovers out there, try an end of winter, early spring salad. Toss kale together with olive oil, avocado, pumpkin seeds (also known as pepitas) and goats feta. Why not add an Afourer mandarin, tossed through with lemon juice and white wine vinegar, and get really creative with some Heirloom tomatoes. A vibrant, locally grown and delicious dish.

Ditch the Lebanese cucumbers, they’re still expensive. Jump on the Telegraph cucumbers instead because they’re half the price of last week! Supermarkets are on $3.50 but were going in at two bucks ladies and gentlemen, so definitely jump on the tellies this week!

In the meat corner this week, we have chicken breast schnitzel 500g on special at $12.95 (with Bonus Manu’s sauce) and Bungalow pork belly 500g for $9.95! 



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