Jaeger’s weekly market update – 1st October 2021

Jaeger’s weekly market update – 1st October 2021

Spring has finally arrived and I’m so excited to welcome in some new season stone fruit with nectarines and peaches next week! Obviously with early season they’re rushing to pick. They’re excited, you’re excited but it doesn’t have the depth of flavour that the latest season fruit does. It comes with a few little tricks, the odd tip that may go softer before the rest it ripens but guys, it’s time to jump on board! We’ll be picking the best variety on the day so I’m not going to specify whether it’s white or yellow, but all of the fruit that we’re getting in the moment is coming from the sunny Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Cya later citrus, hello stone fruit!

We’re super excited, it must be warming up because mangoes are starting to come! They’re starting to flourish, they’re starting to be on point, two for six bucks next week, you wouldn’t read about it! They have a long truck ride down, coming from the NT but they are delicious, definitely jump on these!

As I have been saying for a while ladies and gentleman, citrus is winding down and we are at the ned of the season. Cara Cara’s are hit and miss, as are their cousins the navel oranges. However, their little brothers the Valencia’s will be popping their heads up soon! I’d be probably skipping the oranges this week and going for tangelos because they’re still shining like Mr Singh himself, they’re absolutely beautiful. Singing from the hilltops they on a ticket, five for 2$.50, I might say it once, i might say it twice, but I mean it the third time it is the last week for tangelos!

Rock melon to back to the 1980s prices because it’s a rockin week for a rock melon! Phenomenal, they’re coming from Moody Pond Family Farms for $2.99. We are looking forward to the old school varieties that start in a month or two coming out of Hay, QLD you guys will be loving the melons!

Next week, it’s gonna be a dicey week for Qld strawberries because the plants have seen the end, like a haggard old woman in the pub at the end of the night! We’ll probably be moving to WA fruit, costing a little extra as they come across the Nullarbor but from phenomenal farmers, Mr Mao and Mr heavenly. We will take our pick on the day for the best premium strawberries , the Albion variety guaranteeing that they’re super sweet, punchy in flavour and definitely worth the dollar or two more! Blue berries go to the supermarkets, but if you want dynamite blues come to Delish, three for nine bucks this week they’re absolutely stunning.

Veggies this week are loving the cool nights, warm days! 250g of beans next week, only 99c! You’re thinking, OH MY GOODNESS, well so am I, Im also thinking green bean salad. So with sweet potato also on a ticket for $1.99 a kilo. Roast up some sweet potato in slices, tossing in olive oil, cumin, honey, maybe even a little bit of cinnamon, chuck it in the oven and away it goes! Get some raw macadamias, toss that in a little bit of cinnamon, honey, chilli flakes and chuck them in the oven too. With your beans all you need to do is chop the ends, pop them into a bowl with a centimetre of water. One bowl on the bottom holding the beans and one bowl on top to trap the steaming, and into the microwave for a minute and a half. Set to the side, drain the beans, and then when the sweet potato macadamias are starting to crisp up and the sweet potato is tender. toss everything together in a salad. Dress it with a dash of soy, sesame and white wine or rice vinegar and away you go, you’ve got a winning summer sweet potato and bean salad that cost you a whole four bucks!

Mr Steve has come to the party and is killing it with kale and rocket! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and all the leafy greens are really flourishing in these cooler nights and hot days! It’s not too hot so they won’t like steam up in the paddocks, 1.99 absolutely bargains. Kipfler potato are normally eight bucks, but this week we have them for $4. They are new season coming from Robertson. They are a little bit smaller than the usual kipflers we get but they are a hit for roasting! Give them a little wash, cut them in half, roast them with a little bit of salt and pepper, and away you go.

Over in the fish corner this week we have some delicious Mackerel coming in from Queensland, 2 x 175g for $15.95.


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