Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 8th October 2021

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 8th October 2021

I would love to kick off with my enjoyable long weekend getting stoned, I ate so much stone fruit it wasn’t funny! Nectarines and peaches are coming into season, we’re using small boutique growers to kick off the season. Supply is low so to fill all you hungry Delish people, we have to use about 10 different growers, which means stone fruit is holding its price at the moment, for another 2 or 3 weeks until some bigger growers kick in. Its a great time to support the small little farms up in the Northern Rivers district of New South Wales growing on the hills, overlooking the sea! If you believe like me that food is about how it’s nurtured, then you will be eating a handful of love because these guys love their plants!

It’s the tail end of the citrus so let’s talk about it. The only mandies id be putting in my mouth is the afourer, there still shining through and really great value so if you’re looking for a lunch box filler these guys are great! Last week I made a little fib, Mr Singh has walked into the paddocks and found another patch that needed to be picked, so they are hanging around for another week ladies and gentleman. Were singing from the trees with Mr Sings tangelos because that is a bargain 2 for $2.50, definitely jump on them!

Let’s talk about mangoes! We’ve got Vinz mangoes next week kicking off from the Northern Territory. They’re not a supermarket variety you will find in Woolworths and Coles, this guy is old school he’s out there literally climbing up trees and chopping these mangoes down by hand, the stem is even still on them! You’ll see the difference in the mango, it’s not something that they’ve waxed up and made all shiny for the shelves, they have a dull complexion on the outside, but the inside of the mango is literally going to be the most vibrant piece of fruit you’re putting your mouth! They’re a large mango, at 4.50, a couple of bucks more than a normal mango, but I am talking about a slice of heaven, and they’re only in season for a month or two! There’s a mango for you, a mango for me, a mango for everyone! Green mangoes are your cheaper variety, a sour eating mango! You’re thinking, who wants a sour mango? I say shred them up, ands add some punch into some salad, it’s sweltering out here in sunny Strathfield. That’s the way to do it, cook up your favourite meat, I’m thinking some chicken thigh, tossed in honey, garlic, ginger, chilli and soy sauce, making a sticky marinade. Stir fry them up and then toss in the green mango with snow pea leaf, snow peas, capsicum, shallot and coriander and you will think you’re on the streets of Bangkok but no, you’re really in Banksia!

We must not forget our friend the yellow melon. Everything you like about a rock melon and a honeydew, mix them together and you’ve got a vibrant yellow candy melon, non of those soapy undertones, hello sweetness! Candy melon is something to rave about, a treat and a bargain at only $3.95, superb!

Blues are definitely the pick of the berries this week, three for nine bucks still shining through! Strawberries are going to go up, up, up because Queensland fruit is cya later, finito, and Victorian season is kicking off. What you need to know, Queensland is the cheap berry season because they pick plants that are high yielding, so lots of fruit per plant. They have heaps of fruit, but they are also fruit that had grown to store for a long time because you had the hot climate of Queensland. They don’t necessarily lean towards really great eating fruit. Well, Mr Victoria’s strawberries are sensational, predominantly the Albion varieties, and only a few growers kicking off at the start of the season. That’s my strawberry warning, so definitely jump on blues if you’re looking for a good value berry this week!

There’s an abundance of local Iceberg lettuce around, they haven’t travelled miles in a hasn’t hydro cold truck but trucked about 20 kilometres down from Sydney market and on your doorstep within 36 hours! It sounds like the 1980’s when I say this but there only $1.99, you just wouldn’t read about it!

I like to call this the trio of love! Mint, coriander, and parsley, must go in your cupboard this week. Three bunches all at $1.99 each, you have the start of a week of sensational meals. I think about a bit of mint in my seasonal salad. Tossing up all the stuff that I’ve got in season at the moment, rocket, peaches, mint and shallot with a cheese of your choice! Labna, feta or parmesan with a squeeze of Mr Sings tangelo, and you’ve got like a stunning salad, using all the seasonal produce! Coriander and parsley, mix these guys together and you’ve got a delicious marinade! What I’m doing is getting some chopped up parsley and coriander on some lamb with lemon juice and sumac and you’ve got a stunning Moroccan lamb dish using some freshly picked herbs!

Lots more dynamite veggies are coming this way, kale is on fire! Two bucks at Delsih and $3.50 the supermarket. Bok choy and shallot, from my mate Mr Simon and only $1.99! Hass avocados are ridiculous prices, I saw the price come on my desk, and I nearly fell off my chair! I don’t know how these growers are surviving but they obviously need to move their fruits so let’s support them at two for two bucks! Normally around Christmas time you paid six bucks avocado, so go avo good time with the avocado! Sweet potato is only 2.99 a kilo absolutely, singing from the trees at the moment coming from Atherton in North Queensland. They’re absolutely beautiful. If i’m thinking salads again, I’m chopping up the sweet potato, roasting into chips, tossing in some avocado and your lettuce of choice. Finish with some tomatoes’, and I would definitely recommend some cheese to add more flavour. You’ve then got a delicious, crunchy roasted summer salad!

Kipfler potatoes are stunning at the moment, potatoes of the week and only half the price they usually are, coming in from Robertson NSW. Looks like your nanna chopped off her finger and made a potato but they are beautiful, only $3.99 instead of $8.
Asparagus is 2 for $4 coming from Victoria, absolutely brilliant at the moment. Sear the asparagus with eschallot and garlic. Once cooked, do NOT do it at the beginning because they will brown, sear them off with some olive oil, salt, pepper and finish off the heat with some lemon juice, white wine vinegar and finely chopped parsley. Well, well, well, you’ve got a delicious asparagus side.

Over in the meat and fish corner, gold band snapper 2 x 175g is fish of the week for only $15.95! Throw together some parsley, ginger, shallot, chilli, rice wine vinegar, a dash of sesame oil with your gold band snapper and seal up in foil, then straight in the oven for about 14 minutes. Throw some asparagus in a hot pan with some eschalot & garlic. Once cooked, sear off with olive oil, salt & pepper. To finish, take the asparagus off the heat and drizzle with lemon juice, white wine vinegar and some finely chopped parsley. A dash of fish sauce on the snapper and serve alongside the seared asparagus, bang, you’ve got a stunning dish for spring!

Bungalow pork belly is absolutely killing it next week, only $9.95. Check out my blog for the 5 tips to the best crackling, I mean the best crackling you will ever try!

The weather must be flourishing up in the Northern Rivers of NSW because that’s where everything’s coming from! Fresh local produce, it’s brilliant!


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