Mr Vinnies Mango – A vibrant taste of heaven!

Mr Vinnies Mango – A vibrant taste of heaven!

Let me introduce to you Vinnies mango’s, Australia’s best kept secret and a perfectly unique piece of fruit not to be missed! The Kensington pride variety BUT you won’t find these in the supermarket.  They have travelled all the way down from the NT on a little truck, and unlike the other produce out there, they won’t be pushed straight into the supermarkets for everyone to get their hands on!

Their skin is of a dull complexion, as unlike everywhere else, they haven’t been waxed up to be made all shiny for the shelves. These guys are the real deal! Whilst they look a little drab on the outside, their inside is a vibrant slice of heaven. By far the best tasting mango you will try all year!

Vin and his dad hand pick these beauties themselves, climbing the trees when it’s time to harvest. You may even see a little stem still intact on the top of the mango as they don’t use machinery to pick the fruit. Old school, right? The fruit itself is nurtured and hand-picked with care. Some of the only traditional fruit farmers out there these days, and we just can’t get enough of them!

Coming straight down on a truck from NT, Vins mangoes are like no other that will be crammed on the supermarket shelves. Nurtured on a farm using no pesticides or herbicides, what you get is completely natural fruit!



Supermarket Mango:

  • Grown with help from pesticides and herbicides
  • Harvested using machinery
  • In a truck straight on supermarket shelves
  • Polished and waxed up to make them shiny

vinnies mango

Vins Mango:

  • Naturally grown with no pesticides or herbicides
  • Traditionally hand-picked and nurtured with care
  • Not polished or waxed to improve appearance- the real thing!
  • On a truck straight to us at Delish – you wont find them in the supermarket


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