Delish Deliveries

Thai Pork Patties, Flashed Asian Greens


Dairy Free
Gluten Free
High Protein
Low Carb
20 min
$11.64 cost per plate

Ingredients for 2 Serves

2 x Garlic clove
4 x Broccolini sprig - cut in halves
1/2 x Cauliflower - grated to make rice
1 x Bok choy bunch- roughly chopped
1 x Long red chilli - thinly sliced
4 x Coriander sprig - roughly chopped
1 x Lime - juice of
2 x Mint sprig - roughly chopped
350g x Pork mince
1 x Kaffir lime leaf - thinly sliced

Pantry items (not included)

2 Tablespoon Tamari
2 Tablespoon Fish sauce
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